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Ouyen Lake Project

UPDATE: No longer a dream but a reality! The Ouyen Lake is now OPEN. Whilst there are still many projects to be completed the lake is full and open to the public. There are strict rules while the rest of the project is undertaken and at this stage, overnight camping is not allowed. For more detail and information you can check out the Lake Project Facebook page.


Conceptual layout of Ouyen LakeConceptual layout of Ouyen Lake


Establishing a recreational lake for the people of the Mallee is not a new idea.  The people of this district have been fighting for recreational and environmental water since 1998.  Approximately 15 years ago, North West Victoria went from a gravity-fed open channel system to pipeline water.  Recreational and environmental water was overlooked in the initial planning process, which was rectified in the next stages of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.   The Walpeup Lake Committee was formed with the idea of re-establishing the lake out near Walpeup.  After many years of hard work by a dedicated group of individuals, it was determined that the site at Walpeup was not a viable option for a lake and as a result, the project has now moved much closer to Ouyen and the existing pipeline. 


The Lake Project has received letters of support from the Mallee Catchment Management Authority, Mildura Rural City Council, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water and over 50 businesses and not for profit organisations.  Members of parliament Peter Crisp, Peter Walsh and Damien Drum, and several mining organisations have also shown interest in the project. 


  • In excess of 300 people attended a community meeting early in 2013 to show their support for a recreational lake in Ouyen. 
  • A working party was formed under Ouyen Inc, and the committee have been conducting regular meetings to ensure this project is being moved along. 
  • Several sites were looked at, with the final decision being made to go with the Old Ouyen Reservoir Site North West of Ouyen as the preferred option. 

What's Next

RMCG have been retained to put together the all important business case for the Lake working group.  The final business case is now being used it to seek funding commitments from various organisations and political figures in the region. 

Click the links to view the soil tests and final business case.   

 As mentioned in the North West Express article on 20 March, 2014, the Lake working group have employed SOS Surveying to survey the entire site and create a 3D map of the size, shape and depth of the planned lake.  These maps are available by clicking on the links for Lake Volume Image, North East ViewNorth View, Plan View or South East View


Thankyou to those organisations who have already generously donated to the Ouyen Lake Project.  Funding this project will not come cheaply.  If you would like to donate to this worthy community project, please contact Deane Munro on 0429 121 665 or at