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Community Engagement Project



Ouyen Inc is a volunteer community organisation first formed in 1997 after the local council amalgamation process saw Ouyen become part of the Mildura Rural City Council. This volunteer group has worked to represent Ouyen and to create social, economic and environmental opportunity for the benefit of the community in partnership with Council, State and Federal government and where possible with private commercial entities.

Ouyen Inc is the community contact point for Iluka. Ouyen Inc has been engaged with Iluka long before the first scoop of dirt was lifted from the soils of our district. We have partnered Iluka and worked to assist with local information and contacts while also facilitating community information about the mining operation. A small but significant milestone is when Iluka, with current mine manager Grant Huggins, agreed to conduct tours of the mine which have allowed the community and others the opportunity to see first hand the scale and scope of the mining operation being undertaken by Iluka and their contractors.

The community indicated to Ouyen Inc the need to be able to access Iluka and their contractors in a more streamlined manner and after 18 months which also included Iluka engaging Consultants to survey the community agreement was reached and this project was born.


The Project:

Iluka and their partnering contractors have contributed to a fund pool known as the Community Engagement Project which will be administered by Ouyen Inc under a predetermined set of guidelines as established by Iluka in consultation with their legal representatives Finlaysons.

The purpose of the fund is to provide opportunity for Ouyen based community groups to pursue sustainable projects which benefit the community and provide a legacy of the endeavours of Iluka and their partnering contractors as to their contribution to the community of Ouyen.

The funds will be used for projects by any sporting, social, arts, education or lifestyle club or group, that meets the defined criteria, to apply for a portion of the funds for projects which are sustainable, enhance the community's opportunity socially, economically or environmentally and which can be identified as a legacy of the mineral sands mining operation.



Primarily, the first round of funding will be up to $2500 for any one project [and as the fund pool allows] and will be on a dollar for dollar basis. The matching contribution can be in the form of cash, in kind or a combination of both. It is anticipated that 2 funding rounds per year will occur.


How to Apply:

Applications will be received by the close of business on the advertised date with preference being given to projects that will acquit funds in the same calendar year. Applications are assessed by an independent committee represented by non-Ouyen Inc members. The independent committee will be responsible for ensuring the established guidelines are met and that final approval is gained by Iluka. 


The Community Engagement Project is administered in good faith by volunteers for volunteers. A review of progress, success or otherwise at the end of each funding round will be conducted. Community support will determine the continuity of the project.


For Guidelines and more application details











A Community Plan for Ouyen developed by the community as a component of Rural Futures initiative, a collaborative project delivered in Ouyen by the Victorian Department of Primary Industries and Mallee Track Health & Community Service.

The Ouyen Rural Futures Initiative was supported by Mildura Rural City Council and Ouyen Inc.

View the Ouyen Community Plan

Other plans available for viewing are the Ouyen Structure Plan and the Urban Design Advice

View Ouyen Structure Plan

Urban Design Advice available at Ouyen Service Centre

Ouyen Inc Constitution

Incorporation Model Rules

Ouyen Inc Certificate of Incorporation